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Interview with Gail Godwin about Grief Cottage

Started by Rob Neufeld in AC-T Book Reviews Aug 3, 2017.

Ellington in Asheville--a survey

Started by Rob Neufeld in Local History Oct 6, 2017.

Dave Minneman, heroic portrait

Started by Rob Neufeld in Local History Aug 25, 2017.



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Nancy Sutton replied to Rob Neufeld's discussion Metamorphoses
"Poignant in so many ways!   "
Oct 3
Rob Neufeld posted a discussion


Metamorphoses (Part of Living Poem)Hear audio: Metamorphoses%20181004_0192.MP3 So Apollo committed the first rape.He’d come back from exterminating Python,The Bane of Humanity, now his arrow-victim,And stopped to mock…See More
Oct 2
Joan Henehan replied to Joan Henehan's discussion on Reading Living Poem
"Fantastic, that will be very helpful."
Sep 22
Rob Neufeld posted a discussion

First Drumbeat

First Drumbeat(Part of Living Poem) The time has come.Call it a drum,Or a crumb,What’s left of life. I used to tell a jokeWhen my life was wide,And I was a stud,And not a dud—I knowI’m not a dud.  I’m a dude,A dad.  But everyone mustRebut the dud chargeAt summing up time. Oh yeah, the joke,A trademark one for meIn that it’s not funny. I used to say I’ll never retireFrom writingBecause if I’m ever…See More
Sep 22
Rob Neufeld replied to Joan Henehan's discussion on Reading Living Poem
"Thanks for the prompt, Joan!  I have attached the whole work in progress as a doc at the bottom of the table of contents page:"
Sep 22
Joan Henehan replied to Joan Henehan's discussion on Reading Living Poem
"Is there a way from this website to print everything or might you send me such a document to"
Sep 22
Julia Nunnally Duncan posted an event

Julia Nunnally Duncan at Marion Branch McDowell County Public Library

October 24, 2018 from 4pm to 5pm
Julia Nunnally Duncan will be launching her new poetry collection A Neighborhood Changes (Finishing Line Press, 2018) at a book presentation and signing to be held at the McDowell County Public Library in Marion on October 24.See More
Sep 21
Rob Neufeld replied to Joan Henehan's discussion on Reading Living Poem
"This could be interesting--thanks!  I'm at 828-505-1973 (my home business office).  And"
Sep 20
Joan Henehan replied to Joan Henehan's discussion on Reading Living Poem
"I'll ask the kids, Barb and Ethan, if they have any contacts who might have an interest in this as a unique topic for any performers they know. It might also be something that my friend Ruby Lerner could brainstorm about to her theatre…"
Sep 19
Rob Neufeld replied to Joan Henehan's discussion on Reading Living Poem
"Thanks much, Joan!  I'm trying to get some attention for these poems.  Triple Whammy is def in rap style.  And the beat goes on.  Hugs from me and Bev."
Sep 19
Joan Henehan posted a discussion

on Reading Living Poem

You might be the first ALS-subject-matter rapper. Add some beats and spread it. the time is now...See More
Sep 15
Rob Neufeld posted a discussion

More from the World of ALS

More from the World of ALS (Part of Living Poem)    Negotiating steps is like someone who seeksTo emulate a goat on mountain peaks. Crossing a threshold, limping inIs like the valley-walking of an Olympian. A cane and its grip make a fellow stopTo consider the physics of leans and drops. To know how a forefinger grabs and digsImagine your digits are chestnut twigs When a new drug trial notably…See More
Sep 6
Nancy Werking Poling posted a discussion


RANDALL KENAN SELECTS NANCY WERKING POLING WINNER OF THE 2018 ALEX ALBRIGHT CREATIVE NONFICTION PRIZE(31 August 2018)Nancy Werking Poling of Black Mountain is the winner of the 2018 Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction Prize competition for "Leander’s Lies." Poling will receive $1000 from the North Carolina Literary Review, thanks to a generous NCLR reader’s donation that allowed this year’s honorarium to increase (from the previous award of $250). Her winning essay will be published in the North…See More
Sep 4
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Sep 4
Rob Neufeld posted a discussion

Upcoming Rides

Upcoming Rides(Part of Living Poem) I must take a break from writing aboutThe third Lord Granville’s loss of landIn colonial North Carolina to noteI’m losing functionality in my hands. I’m confining my writing to a four-line,Alternate rhyme form, like a horse-fenceFraming a pantomimeOf equine force.  Hence, It’s time to imagine the power of mind,For instance, when a nod or thoughtInstructs a machine to…See More
Aug 26

Living Thing Go

Species found for LivingThingGo

(This page links back to a Facebook page on which people post photos of living things they find--to share images; for the joy of alertness; to chart their discoveries; and to elicit comments and get help with identification, if necessary.)

Kingdom: Plantae

    Phylum: Anthophyta (flowering plants)

        Class: Eudicots

            Order: Lamiales

                Family: Lamiaceae (mint)

                    Genus: Thymus

                        Species: Vulgarus (common thyme)

                            Bev Robertson, August 1, 2016  LINK

                Family: Scrophulariaceae (figworts)

                   Genus: Verbascum (mullein)

                     Species: Thapsus (common mullein)

                       Rob Neufeld, July 17, 2016; posted August 3, 2016 LINK

            Order:  Myrtales               

                Family: Lythraceae

                    Genus: Lagerstroemia (crape myrtle)

                        Rob Neufeld, posted August 10 2016  LINK

                Family:  Onagraceae (evening primrose)

                    Genus: Oenothera

                        Species:  Fruticosa (sundrop)

                            Rob Neufeld, posted August 1, 2016  LINK

Kingdom: Animalia

    Phylum: Arthropoda

        Class: Insecta

            Order: Coleoptera (beetles)

                Family: Coccinellidea (ladybugs)

                    Genus: Harmonoa

                        Species: axyridis

                             Abby Reifsnyder, August 25, 2016  LINK

            Order: Diptera (flies)

                Family: Tipolidae (large crane flies)

                    Rob Neufeld, August 22, 2016  LINK

            Order: Hymenoptera (sawflies, wasps, bees, and ants)

                Family: Braconidae (parasitic wasps)

                    Genus: Dinocampus

                        Species: coccinellae (parasitic wasps of ladybugs)

                            Abby Reifsnyder, August 25, 2016 LINK

                Family: Crabronidae (wasps)

                    Genus: Trypoxylon

                        Species: politum (organ pipe mud dauber)

                            Rob Neufeld, August 5, 2016  LINK        

                Family: Vespidae (yellowjackets, hornets; paper, pollen, mason, and pollen wasps)

                    Genus: Polistes (paper wasps)

                        Species: dorsalis

                            Rob Neufeld, August 5, 2016  LINK 

            Order: Lepidoptera

                Family: Erebidae

                    Genus: Euchaetes

                        Species: egle (milkweed tiger moth; milkweed tussock caterpillar)

                            Abby Reifsnyder, August 2016.  LINK

                Family: Nymphalidae (butterflies that stand on 4 legs)

                    Genus: Dryas

                        Species: iulia (Julia butterfly)

                            Subspecies: alcionea

                                Christopher Jobson, August 10, 2015; posted by Bev Robertson August 5,                                    2016  LINK

            Order: Odonata (carnivorous insects, incl. dragonflies and damselflies)

                Family: Libellulidea  (skimmers and perchers)

                    Genus: Libellula (skimmers)

                        Species: incesta (slaty skimmer)  

                            Rob Neufeld, August 5, 2016  LINK 

    Phylum: Chordata

        Class: Aves (birds)

            Order: Anseriformes (web-footed waterfowl)

                Family: Anatidea (ducks, geese, and swans)

                    Genus: Cairina (ducks)

                        Species: moschata (muscovy duck)

                            Nancy Sutton, August 6, 2016  LINK

            Order: Gruiformes (cranes, crakes, and rails)

                Family: Rallidae (rails)

                    Genus: Fulica (coots)

                        Species: atra (Eurasian coot)

                            Abby Reifsnyder, August 25, 2016  LINK

            Order: Passeriformes (perching birds)

                Family: Hirundinidae (swallows and martins, aerial feeders)

                    Genus: Ptyonoprogne (crag martins)

                        Species: rupestris (Eurasian crag martin)

                            Abby Reifsnyder, Aug. 19, 2016; posted Aug. 24, 2016.  LINK

            Order: Piciformes (woodpeckers, toucans et al)

                Family: Picidae (woodpeckers)

                    Genus: Dryocopus

                        Species: Pileatus (pileated woodpecker)

                            Bev Robertson, May 2, 2013; posted August 2, 2016  LINK

            Order: Suliformes (frigatebirds, boobys, cormorants et al)

                Family: Phalacrocoracidae (cormorants and shags)

                    Genus: Phalacrocorax

                        Species: Auritus (double crested cormorant)

                            Abby Reifsnyder, July 2016; posted August 2, 2016.  LINK

        Class: Mammalia (mammals)

            Order: Artiodactyla (Even-toed ungulates)

                Family: Bovidae (cloven-hoofed, ruminant mammals)

                    Genus: Bos (wild and domestic cattle)

                        Species: Tauris (cattle)

                        Variety: Red Angus cattle

                            Abby Reifsnyder, July 2016; posted August 2, 2016  LINK

                Family: Cervidae (deer)

                    Genus: Alces (moose)

                        Species: Alces

                            Subspecies: giges (Alaskan moose)

                                Shellie Rose Kacillas, posted August 1, 2016  LINK

        Class: Reptilia

            Order: Testudines (turtles)

                Family: Emydidae (marsh turtles)

                    Genus: Terrapene

                        Species: Carolina (common box turtle)

                            Subspecies: Carolina (eastern box turtle)

                                Rob Neufeld, August 4, 2016  LINK


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